When Bethesda announced they were hosting their own press event for the first time at this year’s E3, one thing came to my mind: Fallout.

Fallout is the darling of Bethesda’s game properties. The Elder Scrolls, Dishonored, and even DOOM, don’t compete with the special connection Fallout has with its fans.

Personally, I have never been enamored with Fallout. I dabbled in Fallout 3 for about 20+ hours and I enjoyed every minute of that experience, but it never hooked me. I didn't find myself dreaming about playing or longing for another session while in engineering 101.

Fallout 4, however, has struck a cord within me that has me all boyishly excited.

Maybe it’s the emphasis on choice in dialogue. Maybe it’s the insane level of freedom you have to customize weapons and your armor load out. Maybe it’s the dynamic world builder tool that lets you make the world your own flavor of crazy. Or maybe it’s just your trusting German Shepard since I am a huge sucker for dogs. I swear Bethesda, if that dog dies in the end, I will hunt someone down. I don’t know whom, but someone will be hunted.

In truth, it’s a bit of all those things that have me excited for Fallout 4. It just looks incredible. Plain and simple. And the confidence exuded by Game Director and Executive Producer, Todd Howard, during his show stopping, 34-minute presentation, only lends credence to that feeling.

In closing, everyone get the hell away from 11/10/15 or else you’re going to get trounced.